Aprons A Century Long Evolution From Over-Garments To Fabulous Hostess Aprons And Fashion Symbols

Golden_TopClose__58855.1427728565.480.719The word apron comes from French (naperon). That is pretty interesting considering that the French word means a mini table-cloth. The apron has a surprisingly long history dating from times engulfed in myths and legend, when the gods are depicted wearing aprons, up till today where aprons like the hostess aprons are varied, colorful, beautiful decorative marketing pieces. Used for centuries by people all around the world, the apron has played many different roles though history. From simple protective garment to lavish status and ceremonial indicator, straight to fashion statement and flashy piece of decoration, the apron has had a very interesting history and a fascinating evolution of meaning in its symbolism. In the mythology, the Gods have been depicted wearing aprons or earrings with aprons on them. Advancing to middle ages aprons were used to protect clothing and as a distinguishing aspect to better and easier identify different trades. It later became popular with women in Europe. By the 1500’s the apron was part of the female European wardrobe. For a few hundred years, the apron consolidated its presence in our lives, rituals and ways of thinking. It has linked itself to culture by various iconic-symbols. Such an example is the standard icon symbol of motherhood, where the mom and wife is always presented as a householder and thus wearing an apron. This symbol has prompted female rights militants to portray the apron as a symbol of oppression.

However, today, aprons are not what they used to be. Aprons are now designed for both men and women. They can be often pieces of art and expressiveness, a way to express messages, market ideas, promote humor or enrich the ambiance with a beautiful piece of decor.

The Hostess Apron is a source of intrigue and debate. Made to be flirty, funny, sexy or blunt on, fabulous pieces of artistry made out of the finest textiles, the hostess apron has come a long way from being a simple piece of cloth tying the woman`s place in the kitchen. While these aprons are still directly linked to the idea of warmth, safety and hospitality, present aprons are more following the idea of fun, glamour, the expression of feelings and the marketing of ideas.  Hostess aprons are definitely not something you want to wipe your hands on anymore. Made out of the finest pieces of cloth, some of the hostess aprons are rich, fabulous, striking, unique, expensive and specially  designed to market ideas, brands and places. Even sporting fashion lines of themselves, hostess aprons have breached the frontier of mythology and reinvented themselves in a thing we absolutely adore.

There are not many things around us with a history and symbolic as rich as the apron. It is widely used as a way to maintain and protect cultural tradition (mason and coming of age rituals), as a vintage decoration object or for protection purposes. It is also used as a way to induce ideas, market places, objects and make people feel warm, welcome, respected and well cared for. The apron has successfully resisted the passage of time and was reinvented in something everyone knows, uses and has found memories about. It is an object of complexity. Nice thing to think about next time you see fabulous, stylish and flirty hostess aprons right?


Showcase Your Cupcakes Perfectly With A 3 Tier Cupcake Stand

fhjg5678When holding any occasion, you can make it livelier by displaying cupcakes in an appealing way. Having cupcakes on a 3 tier cupcake stand can boost the beauty and magnificence that will be hard to resist. Everyone attending the occasion will take some time to gaze on the cupcakes.

3 tiers are popular because an odd number of tiers creates curiosity and allows the cakes to demand attention. Although you can still display cupcakes without a stand, having a 3 tier stand is a good solution to boost the aesthetic appeal of your cakes. This stand will also enable you to add decorations like ribbons, laces or bouquets to your cakes easily.

In general, a 3 tier stand consists of three cake plates that are supported by vertical beams. It is designed to showcase cupcakes perfectly. The tier at the base is usually the largest and the one at the summit is the smallest. There are many styles of stands. The most popular ones include:

The floating cake stand – This cake stand does not have pillars. Instead, its support structure is at the back, with the cake plates extending out of it. This can make the cupcakes to appear to float in midair.

The tower 3 tier cake stand – This stand utilizes one column in the center to support the plates. This style makes it easy to add decorations such as flowers to or around the cakes. A tower stand is ideal for displaying cupcakes at a wedding.

The cascading cake stand – With this cake stand, you can set up the plates straight up, up like a spiral staircase, or any other way you wish. This stand can provide you with unlimited options on how to display your cakes and what you would like to have around them.

When buying a tiered cupcake stand, you should consider a few things in order to get the most suitable stand. One of the factors to consider is size. Consider the height and size of each individual plate.

Another consideration is the material used to make the tiered cake stand. Many stands are made of hard plastic. However, stands made of metal and glass, are also available. The majority of the metal stands you will find are marketed to commercial bakers, but they are still ideal for home use.

When purchasing a 3 tier cupcake stand, it is also important to consider assembly. It is wise to choose a stand that is easy to assemble. Many tiered stands come with an assembly instruction guide. You should look at the guide so that you can assemble the stand appropriately. Failing to follow the guide can result in instability. The designs of cake stands are designed to appear simple and neat.

Cupcake Trees For Wedding: Mouth Watering Engagement Cakes That Makes Your Occasion Unforgettable

cupcake wedding trees 4545251Engagement or wedding is one of the most special occasions of any one’s life. If someone is getting engaged, then they want to have an attractive engagement cake, which symbolizes the amalgamation of souls, spirit, intellect and body, and a novel relationship in forthcoming days and pursue the symbol of opulence and reliability. The engagement day is extremely special for you and it reflects the reminiscences of prospect married life. It can be set aside in mind by having a mouth-watering engagement cake and cupcake trees for wedding. It is very important and necessary part of engagement party celebrations of uniqueness and character can be additional to the party and providential occasion of the couple who are going to celebrate their engagement by the ways of getting ready a custom cake.

An engagement cake for the couples generates choice for a generous item astonishingly. If you are getting engaged, then the most important thing that you need is a perfect engagement cake because this memory will always stay with you.  There are so many cake shops are there in the market, but again a big question arises in front of you is choosing a best cake shop who will deliver the perfect cake for your unforgettable occasion. So, ladies and gentlemen now presents this amazing renowned cake shop who will deliver your desired dream cake delivered at your place within the time line. They have wide range of cakes of this special occasion like popular cakes, premium cakes, chocolate cakes and photo cakes.

Even if any of your friend is getting engaged, then the best gift for him or her would be cake. You can send Engagement wishes through these amazing cakes and makes their astonishing occasion more memorable for them. This amazing cake shop will gives you an extensive range of mouth watering cakes. They have popular cakes, premium cakes, chocolate cakes and photo cakes as well. So whatever you like you can order the cake of your own choice and send this to your friend, family or relative’s place as engagement wishes from you. Make them feel that you care for them.  In their extensive Popular cake collection they have Golden bells wedding cake, Silver cushion wedding cake, fruit and floral wedding cake, 2 tier chocolate cake, double heart cake and photo cake.  These cakes are specially made for special occasion like wedding or engagement. All these cakes are specially made for these memorable occasions. All theses cakes are available with egg and without egg. So basically if your friend or family person is vegetarian and you were thinking that whether you will get an amazing mouth watering  Eggless cake or not, then don’t think too much just order a cake of your choice among above mention list because of vegetarian and non vegetarian for both people they have these cakes available.

All these cakes are prepared in such a manner that it will totally steal your heart.

Large Cupcake Stands Can Send Delicious Cakes To India

large cupcake stand 2415454There was a time when you were staying somewhere out of India and thought of sending cakes to someone in India. When such thoughts came to your mind the very next moment you will drop that idea stating that “no way this can’t be possible”. But, this impossible thing is possible now. Yes, one of the renowned cake brand company has made this impossible thing possible now you can send cakes to India. A famous cake brand in India has started this amazing service. Where they will deliver the cake at the doorstep within the estimated time. You just need to do is login to their website and order a cake of your own choice and they will deliver it without any hassle.

There are numerous of occasions are there apart from birthdays and anniversaries, for which you can send cakes. For example, valentine’s day, father’s day, Diwali, friendship day, Christmas, mother’s day, children’s day and many more. You send a cake with large cupcake stands for any occasion and spread happiness among your family, friends and relatives. Sending cakes to India was never so easy and hassle free than before, You just have to visit their website and select a cake of your choice mention the essential information and make online payment. The cake will be delivered along with your note precisely written on it to the beloved person. They give surety about the taste and quality cakes with on time delivery services. You will get a variety of cakes available here and they will deliver the cake in the most diverse cities in India.

For different occasion they have different cakes available like for birthday they have a separate range of cakes, for anniversary, they have entirely different collections available same applicable to valentine day, friendship day and other occasions. Like any physical cake shop you will get a wide variety of delicious cakes available here for everyone like if you are thinking of sending cakes to your beloved then you can choose a cake from their popular section or premium section you can send them dark hot chocolate cake this amazing cake This is a balmy, incredible Dark Chocolate Cake appropriate for any type of occasion.

Apart from this they have taken special care about kids choice as well for them, they have a wide range of cakes like jungle cake, Doll cake, car cake, farm house cake, make up kit 3 D cake available. Order any of one and your kid will surely love that. In the same way, if your beloved is upset with you and you are not finding the way how you can make her mode, then don’t worry at all, just log in to this cake website and you will get a wide range of cake. So what are you waiting for! Order your cake now.

Make Your Wedding Stand Out With A Wedding Cupcake Tower

wedding cupcake towerYour wedding is going to be one of, if not THE, most important and memorable days in your entire life. Choosing even the smallest details like napkins, place settings, flower arrangements and silverware can make or break the event. Your wedding cake is extremely important but there are many varieties of cake and baked goods you can choose from. Many couples opt to have a wedding cake for themselves but for guests, they choose a wedding cupcake tower.

The wedding cupcake tower is a tiered platform containing between 36 and 72 cupcakes. This starts with a large platform holding a couple dozen and gets smaller as it goes up, sort of like a cupcake pyramid. The reason for the popularity of things like this is if you have a lot of guests, it saves money and also saves your wedding cake from being eaten all the way or simply destroyed so you are unable to save some for your anniversary.

The wedding cupcake tower is also popular because it offers variety. Not everyone will like your white butter cream wedding cake so you can mix things up with red velvet, chocolate, poppy seed, blueberry and dozens of other types of cupcake. Cupcakes have actually boomed in popularity in the past decade thanks to shows like Cupcake Wars and a gourmet cupcake can actually taste and look better than a wedding cake and show you have a very unique sense of style.

Placement of your wedding cupcake tower will completely depend on its intended use. If you’re using it as just a dessert for your wedding attendees, you can use them as centerpieces for each table, donned with flowers (real or edible) and candles or anything else that fits your theme. They can be brought out after your guests have eaten their dinner or they can just be used at any time, any place. You don’t even have to use them for the wedding itself but instead during the rehearsal or post-wedding events. Weddings aren’t set in stone like they were in the past and you want yours to be as memorable as possible for yourself, your family and your guests.

This day is going to be remembered and cherished forever not just in your mind but on film and on social media and in pictures. When selecting any type of baked goods, a Wal-Mart bakery probably isn’t going to be your best bet. You’re going to want to find a specialized bakery with well seasoned employees who have been trained and proven at cake decorating and baking. You need a great combination of both because it can be awful to have a beautiful item that tastes horrible or a bland looking item that tastes absolutely delicious. Take your time and check various bakeries in your area, ask friends and family and do your research. You don’t want to go to the best bakery in town only to find out much later their star decorator is on vacation and you get the trainee.

Get The Best Commercial Pan Liners

panliners_65464Business banking pan liners spare administrators cash the work time and cleaning expenses connected with tubing and washing heating container. With regards to work and cost funds, skillet liners are a gourmet expert’s closest companion. They are one of the best developments since cut bread!

Skillet liners have numerous advantages in nourishment administration operations:

Work Savings:

Why Scrubbed? Less cleaning = more opportunity for cooking. This expands profitability in the kitchen.

Enhances Food Quality:

Mass skillet liners kills the immediate sustenance to-hot-metal contact to keep the dampness in the nourishment from “signing off”. This dampness contributes flavor and temperature to the sustenance.

Makes Food Safer:

Since nourishment cooked with container liners or material paper never touches the dish, the possibility of surface painting is relegated.

Ensures Plumbing/Better for the Environment:

Utilizing dispensable skillet liner guarantees oil goes into the rubbish, not down the channel.

Paper Pan Liners

The broad line of container liners offers a wide assortment of skillet paper liners to meet you are heating and cooking needs. Mass paper dish liners are anything but difficult to use with standard food service preparing sheets. Level packs are helpful for laying level in the dish. You can convey Quilon covered; Silicone covered, or EcoCraft Bake “N” Reuse paper.


•    It is fine for temperatures of approximately 425 degrees Fahrenheit
•    Features a hard, without pinhole surface
•    Treated with a Quilon non-stick covering that opposes oil and stove sautéing


•    Excellent for temperatures up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit
•    Great for high sugar preparation and treat making
•    Treated with a silicone non-stick covering that opposes oil and stove caramelizing
•    FDA affirmed

EcoCraft Bake “N” Reuse:

•    Excellent for medium to high warmth (400 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit)
•    2 to 4 utilizes per sheet
•    Made from unbleached, chlorine-free, oil confirmation paper with a chromium-free, multi-prepare discharge
•    Great regular distinct option for standard sheet skillet liners
•    Soy-mixed eco-wax lessens reliance on petroleum

Sustenance Pan Liners

There is likewise an assortment of different materials utilized for business container liners. Look at our line of PTL liners that give awesome execution, while offering low support: simply line and heat! These plastic dispensable bun skillet liners are broiler and microwave safe, with a temperature scope of – 100 to more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They are likewise available in an assortment of sizes other than standard preparing sheets. These liners are awesome for all your steam table embeds and have turned into a staple in most medicinal services and institution food service facilities.

How To Memorize Your Birthday With Beautifully Decorated Birthday Cupcake Towers?

birthday cupcake towerCupcakes are a beautiful present to someone on his/her birthday. Beautifully decorated cupcakes on a tiered stand make it easy for serving to guests without the hustle of cutting the cakes. There are birthday cupcake towers for every aged person. The cupcake tower is easy to make and easy to serve while adding different flavors in one color. The producing technique of a cupcake is very easy. Only a few things are required for making, decorating and presenting as a beautiful birthday present.

The first thing that needs to be considered while planning to make a cupcake tower is that of the size and shape. The number of guests coming to the event of birthday needs to be estimated and depending upon them different flavored cakes can be made. If you are planning for a small get together with the friends and family member on tour birthday party, then a two or three tier cupcake is sufficient to serve all. As far as the shape of the cupcake is concerned, round shaped are preferred by most of the people. However, if you are planning for a modern themed birthday party, then four-shaped one is perfect for you. So, whenever you plan for making a birthday cupcake tower, consider the shape and size of it.

The second thing that needs to be considered is that of the materials that need to be bought for making a cupcake tower. It is important for the cupcake stand to be strong enough in order to take hold of the weight of the cupcakes. Therefore, while considering the materials for making a cupcake tower, consider cupboard cake bases of different sizes and weights. Moreover, you can take gold bases as well to support the stand. If you do not want a heavy stand for your cupcake tower, then lightweight plastic cupboards can be considered while decorating the cupcake tower. Using a plastic serving piece makes it possible to have a great view of the cupcake tower and makes birthday a special one.

The last stage of creating birthday cupcake towers is to assemble the cupcake tower. After collecting all the required materials for making the cupcake tower, it is time for assembling. However, before assembling, some other things need to be fit for a better showcase of the cupcake tower. For a better showcase, the supports and the bases can be wrapped with paper or paint and after that; the assembling should be taken in consideration.