How To Memorize Your Birthday With Beautifully Decorated Birthday Cupcake Towers?

birthday cupcake towerCupcakes are a beautiful present to someone on his/her birthday. Beautifully decorated cupcakes on a tiered stand make it easy for serving to guests without the hustle of cutting the cakes. There are birthday cupcake towers for every aged person. The cupcake tower is easy to make and easy to serve while adding different flavors in one color. The producing technique of a cupcake is very easy. Only a few things are required for making, decorating and presenting as a beautiful birthday present.

The first thing that needs to be considered while planning to make a cupcake tower is that of the size and shape. The number of guests coming to the event of birthday needs to be estimated and depending upon them different flavored cakes can be made. If you are planning for a small get together with the friends and family member on tour birthday party, then a two or three tier cupcake is sufficient to serve all. As far as the shape of the cupcake is concerned, round shaped are preferred by most of the people. However, if you are planning for a modern themed birthday party, then four-shaped one is perfect for you. So, whenever you plan for making a birthday cupcake tower, consider the shape and size of it.

The second thing that needs to be considered is that of the materials that need to be bought for making a cupcake tower. It is important for the cupcake stand to be strong enough in order to take hold of the weight of the cupcakes. Therefore, while considering the materials for making a cupcake tower, consider cupboard cake bases of different sizes and weights. Moreover, you can take gold bases as well to support the stand. If you do not want a heavy stand for your cupcake tower, then lightweight plastic cupboards can be considered while decorating the cupcake tower. Using a plastic serving piece makes it possible to have a great view of the cupcake tower and makes birthday a special one.

The last stage of creating birthday cupcake towers is to assemble the cupcake tower. After collecting all the required materials for making the cupcake tower, it is time for assembling. However, before assembling, some other things need to be fit for a better showcase of the cupcake tower. For a better showcase, the supports and the bases can be wrapped with paper or paint and after that; the assembling should be taken in consideration.


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