Showcase Your Cupcakes Perfectly With A 3 Tier Cupcake Stand

fhjg5678When holding any occasion, you can make it livelier by displaying cupcakes in an appealing way. Having cupcakes on a 3 tier cupcake stand can boost the beauty and magnificence that will be hard to resist. Everyone attending the occasion will take some time to gaze on the cupcakes.

3 tiers are popular because an odd number of tiers creates curiosity and allows the cakes to demand attention. Although you can still display cupcakes without a stand, having a 3 tier stand is a good solution to boost the aesthetic appeal of your cakes. This stand will also enable you to add decorations like ribbons, laces or bouquets to your cakes easily.

In general, a 3 tier stand consists of three cake plates that are supported by vertical beams. It is designed to showcase cupcakes perfectly. The tier at the base is usually the largest and the one at the summit is the smallest. There are many styles of stands. The most popular ones include:

The floating cake stand – This cake stand does not have pillars. Instead, its support structure is at the back, with the cake plates extending out of it. This can make the cupcakes to appear to float in midair.

The tower 3 tier cake stand – This stand utilizes one column in the center to support the plates. This style makes it easy to add decorations such as flowers to or around the cakes. A tower stand is ideal for displaying cupcakes at a wedding.

The cascading cake stand – With this cake stand, you can set up the plates straight up, up like a spiral staircase, or any other way you wish. This stand can provide you with unlimited options on how to display your cakes and what you would like to have around them.

When buying a tiered cupcake stand, you should consider a few things in order to get the most suitable stand. One of the factors to consider is size. Consider the height and size of each individual plate.

Another consideration is the material used to make the tiered cake stand. Many stands are made of hard plastic. However, stands made of metal and glass, are also available. The majority of the metal stands you will find are marketed to commercial bakers, but they are still ideal for home use.

When purchasing a 3 tier cupcake stand, it is also important to consider assembly. It is wise to choose a stand that is easy to assemble. Many tiered stands come with an assembly instruction guide. You should look at the guide so that you can assemble the stand appropriately. Failing to follow the guide can result in instability. The designs of cake stands are designed to appear simple and neat.


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