Aprons A Century Long Evolution From Over-Garments To Fabulous Hostess Aprons And Fashion Symbols

Golden_TopClose__58855.1427728565.480.719The word apron comes from French (naperon). That is pretty interesting considering that the French word means a mini table-cloth. The apron has a surprisingly long history dating from times engulfed in myths and legend, when the gods are depicted wearing aprons, up till today where aprons like the hostess aprons are varied, colorful, beautiful decorative marketing pieces. Used for centuries by people all around the world, the apron has played many different roles though history. From simple protective garment to lavish status and ceremonial indicator, straight to fashion statement and flashy piece of decoration, the apron has had a very interesting history and a fascinating evolution of meaning in its symbolism. In the mythology, the Gods have been depicted wearing aprons or earrings with aprons on them. Advancing to middle ages aprons were used to protect clothing and as a distinguishing aspect to better and easier identify different trades. It later became popular with women in Europe. By the 1500’s the apron was part of the female European wardrobe. For a few hundred years, the apron consolidated its presence in our lives, rituals and ways of thinking. It has linked itself to culture by various iconic-symbols. Such an example is the standard icon symbol of motherhood, where the mom and wife is always presented as a householder and thus wearing an apron. This symbol has prompted female rights militants to portray the apron as a symbol of oppression.

However, today, aprons are not what they used to be. Aprons are now designed for both men and women. They can be often pieces of art and expressiveness, a way to express messages, market ideas, promote humor or enrich the ambiance with a beautiful piece of decor.

The Hostess Apron is a source of intrigue and debate. Made to be flirty, funny, sexy or blunt on, fabulous pieces of artistry made out of the finest textiles, the hostess apron has come a long way from being a simple piece of cloth tying the woman`s place in the kitchen. While these aprons are still directly linked to the idea of warmth, safety and hospitality, present aprons are more following the idea of fun, glamour, the expression of feelings and the marketing of ideas.  Hostess aprons are definitely not something you want to wipe your hands on anymore. Made out of the finest pieces of cloth, some of the hostess aprons are rich, fabulous, striking, unique, expensive and specially  designed to market ideas, brands and places. Even sporting fashion lines of themselves, hostess aprons have breached the frontier of mythology and reinvented themselves in a thing we absolutely adore.

There are not many things around us with a history and symbolic as rich as the apron. It is widely used as a way to maintain and protect cultural tradition (mason and coming of age rituals), as a vintage decoration object or for protection purposes. It is also used as a way to induce ideas, market places, objects and make people feel warm, welcome, respected and well cared for. The apron has successfully resisted the passage of time and was reinvented in something everyone knows, uses and has found memories about. It is an object of complexity. Nice thing to think about next time you see fabulous, stylish and flirty hostess aprons right?